Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Family Day

Yesterday, here in the province of Alberta, we celebrated Family Day. There were a number of free events taking place all over the city, but we opted for a day at home. After it warmed up yesterday, we managed to reach a sunny -6C. It was warm enough for a nice bonfire.

Sascha got the fire going while I made some cornbread style muffins. Being gluten free forces you to be inventive. Nobody complains anymore that we can't eat our favourite hotdogs on buns. They know that whatever mom makes will be fine and trust that we will make the best of any situation. Going out is still a challenge. All of the free events around the city had concession stands full of stuff we couldn't eat. We just can't buy something when we are out, things need to be planned. We are not very good at planning ahead. I also make almost everything from scratch and don't buy typical snack foods. We have learned to snack on fruit. So, you can see why we opt out of going to many places. We plan on doing some camping this summer, but this will have to be thoroughly planned.

Here are the pictures of our Canadian, mid-winter, sub-zero bonfire! Are you proud of us mom?

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