Monday, January 26, 2009

D is for Doublet

As we work our way throught "The Alphabet Path", we have also been working our way through R is for Rhyme. Two weeks ago we studied the letter D and the Doublet. Here is Maria's version.


  1. My kids just finished watching the Tinkerbell movie and are in love with fairies... which reminded me of the alphabet path, because doesn't she use a bit of flower fairy stuff over there? Maybe I should check it out. What age of your kids are doing it?Btw, I tagged you in a little meme over at my blog :-)have a great day!

  2. She uses the Flower Fairy books and music to go along with a story that she made up. Check out her website at www.elizabethfoss.comI am doing this with an 8yo boy and 6yo girl. My kids look forward to it every week.


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