Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Feast of St. Nicholas

We celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas yesterday. The two oldest went to German school for the morning. They were preparing for their Christmas Concert next Saturday. In the meantime, I made gingerbread and starting on some of my Christmas sewing projects.

Before the kids left for German school, they took a peek in the Nicholas shoe's they made (courtesy the Inside were a few little treats from Oma and us. Even though they know that we are playing Nicholas, they love the tradtion. Each child got a Loonie ($1 coin) to represent the gold coins that Nicholas gave to the poor children. They also got a chocolate Nicholas in remembrance of St. Nicholas and a candy cane to represent his staff. Each child also received a little car to represent the toys that St. Nicholas gave the children. You may ask why there weren't any oranges or nuts present. Well, first of all they were too big and second of all, I don't like putting food that we are going to eat in their boots. In the story of the true St. Nicholas, the shoes were outside and got air. Our boots stay inside. Here are a few pictures from the kids on the Feast of St. Nicholas.

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