Thursday, October 30, 2008

St. Thérèse Lapbook

Saturday is all Saints day. We are in the middle of our preparations for our annual homeschool All Saints Day celebration. Local home schoolers get together and celebrate the saints. This year we are celebrating on Halloween, since All Saints is on a Saturday. Each child (of school age) dresses up as a saint and makes a presentation about his or her saint. The prescooler can dress up, too. This year Mia chose to be St. Thérèse and to do a lapbook presentation. Here are some pictures of her lapbook.


  1. Tina,I love doing lapbooks too! I just never have the time for them anymore. I really like the Rosary idea.. I will have to try it. Did you use a template from somewhere or just make it up yourself?

  2. Dear little princess,I am not sure what you mean by the rosary idea... but this lapbook is our own design. I used notebooking templates from the website and from and Some of it we make up on our own. We usually get clipart or colouring pages for free online. The pictures of Therese are from a book we have. I hope that helps.


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