Friday, October 24, 2008

C is for...


The little guy needs to learn his colours. We name things by colour for him all the time, but none of the colours seem to sink in. The latest mix up causes quite a outbreak in laughter every time Owen asks:

"Mom, can I have some green milk?"

What he really means is actually strawberry flavoured milk. Once in a while they have the option to have chocolate or strawberry milk as a treat. Well, Owen is quite determined to get his green milk. When we tell him that it isn't green, he throws a little tantrum. So, I came to the conclusion that it was time to actually sit down and teach him the colours. I spent yesterday afternoon colouring, cutting and pasting to make him a cute file folder game that will hopefully teach him his colours. Owen even coloured a few turkeys.

The Turkey poem and turkey template are from It was one of the free printables. The direct link is here.

You may be asking what a file folder game is. Well, it is a game that is constucted on or with a file folder. The file folder games are usually used for educational purposes. If you use your search engine, you will find numerous link with fantastic ideas for file folder games. Many links have templates, so that you can make the games, too. The game I made is one for a preschooler, but there are great ones for learning math facts, sight words and many other things.

Here are some pictures of our version of the Turkey File Folder Game.

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