Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Boys' Birthday Cake

As some of you may know, my uncle Wally is here visiting from Ontario. The whole family is thrilled to have him here. Before he came, Noah asked him if he would bake his and Owen's birthday cake. Without a moment of hesitation, he agreed. Sascha and him bought the supplies needed and on Monday we started off to make this amazing cake. Yes, I am bragging. It is the coolest thing that I have ever helped to make/bake. Mia, Wally and I made two birthday cakes (I showed them where everything is and they went at it). Mia made the 9x9 square white cake and Wally made the not so 9x13 chocolate cake for the base (German cake pans aren't the same as the Canadian, but oh well, we made do). It took a while for everything to cool down. I made some decorator icing from this recipe (btw, lots of my favourite recipes come from this site). While I was making the icing, Wally was busy cutting the cake to form. At this point, we weren't sure what type of car we were making. It was supposed to take the shape of a car, but we weren't sure what to model it after. There was a piece of white cake left over that would make it look like a police car. At first, we thought this was a great idea until I remembered that we have a car from the Disney Pixar movie "Cars" that the boys love. I asked Mia to get "Charlie Checker" the official pace car from the movie and this would be our model. Our version of "Charlie Checker" is a combination of Mater's eyes, Charlie's shape and our own imagination. Wally really went to town with this cake. Mia had fun sorting the smarties and eventually helping to put them on the cake. It was also Mia's job to keep the boys out of the kitchen, which was by no means an easy task. I got to help a little, but for once, was able to step back and let others take charge. I took picutres along the way and I really hope that you enjoy them. The end results were phenomenal for three non-professional cake bakers with non-professional cake decorating tools.

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