Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some more great art!

It is unbelievable how much art we have done lately. Here are two more projects that we have done. The first idea (decorated cans) turned out to be a birthday gift for a friend of my daughter's and the second idea (printed paper) turned out to be the gift wrap.

The cans were washed really well. Removing the label goo was quite a task, but well worth the effort. Then we painted (Mia and I) the tallest and the smallest cans with acrylic paint. We podged a serviette on the taller one and put some letter scrapbooking stickers and raffia on the smaller can. Voila!

The bean can was made my Noah. He made a bean mosaic of a flower on the front and covered the rest with beans. These cans are meant to hold art supplies. Our little friend loves to draw and paint, but doesn't like cleaning up afterwards. That is normal, as my kids don't like that part either. Mom suggested that we not buy toys, so we told her of our idea and she was greatful. We bought her some new markers to go with the cans. She loves them. I will definitely have to make more of these cans for our ever growing artists.

The giftwrap was made using newsprint (big roll from IKEA), thinned finger paint and lego blocks.

I had to add this picture because I tend to post more picture of the oldest. Look at this little artist at work. He ended up finger painting and then dropping the fingerpaint on the floor and making a huge mess.

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