Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Planted A Cherry Tree

We are turning out to be quite the backyardigens. We love our backyard and are always looking for ways to spruce it up and make it useful. This past weekend we did more planting. This time we planted my mother's day present... a cherry tree, three raspberry bushes and a bunch of seeds. I am practical. I like gifts that keep on giving and my hubby knows that. I would much rather have some flowers for the garden than for the vase. I am wierd that way. Here are some pictures of the planting session. These pictures are courtesy of Noah. He needed to take some pictures as a part of his art curriculum. 
Here are a few more pictures from Saturday. The kids had the camera, so I am not sure who took pictures of what. I think Mia took the picture of the strawberry plant.

We also bought sand on the weekend for the sandbox Sascha built. The kids had so much fun in it. After watching a CGKids DVD (Canadian Geographic Kids) about Montreal, Noah rebuilt Mont Royal. It is neat when kids take something they learn and try to apply it to their play time. After the sandbox fun time a bath was in order. The sand was still fairly wet so it was great for packing and cleaning up after.


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  2. We are planting several fruits and vegetables this year too! Right now they are all still in their little pots but we are looking forward to our raspberries, loganberries, blueberries...and all the usual vegetables. The lilac bushes have bloomed and they will be chopped down to give all the plants more sun (don't worry though, there's another lilac bush on the other side of the backyard)!


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