Thursday, May 29, 2008

Self-Portraits using Complimentary Colours

I was looking for definitions of the techniques that were on my grade one art list and came across an amazing website. It is full of good explanations and examples of hundreds of different art projects, styles, techniques etc. I am an art dummy when it comes to definitions. I am learning so much and am enjoying this wonderful subject with my kids. It is becoming a great pastime from all of us. Who would have known? Anyway here is the link I mentioned.

Now to today's art lesson. It was all about complimentary colours. What are those? The colours opposite each other on the colour wheel.

The idea for today's lesson come's from here. Noah, Mia and I each chose two complimentary colours from our pastel box and made self-portraits. This is supposed to be put on the back of the portraits:

I drew a portrait using complementary colors.
Complementary colors are opposite one another on the color wheel.
When they are used next to each other, they look brighter.
When they are mixed together, they make gray.

This is how they turned out...


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