Thursday, May 15, 2008

Phys. Ed Class

So, I have been having some issues with Phys. Ed lately. We have phys. ed alligned and receive funding from the government. We have 75% of our curriculum alligned with the Alberta government and actually receive money to home school. At first glance, I thought this was great. We spent all our money just coming to Canada and didn't have any extra cash for books and extra stuff. When we received a phone call some time last August, we were under the opinion that it would be easy to do all these subjects and meet Alberta standards. That is the catch. You receive money --- you do as you are told. We have a lot of requirements to be met. Most of them are easy, but phys ed. has posed quite a challenge. It is not that my kids aren't active because they are. The challenge was doing different kinds of activities totalling 15 hours per 3 favourite types. For example 15 hours of individual sports, 15 hours of alternative sports, 15 hours of team sports. Gymnastics and dance were the other two types of sports. We walk a lot and bike a lot and the kids just started jump roping (more about that later). Noah played team sports in the leisure centre's "Smorgasports" class. He also plays tag or soccer after adoration on Fridays behind the church with the other children. The hard part is the alternative, dance etc. Well, Noah is not the dancing, gymnasticky type guy. So we had to look at alternative sports. We only have one vehicle, so that has posed quite a problem. We tried doing some yoga. We are allowed to work with videos by the way. That didn't go over well. Noah claimed his back always hurt and he hated feeling like a pretzel. I agree with him on the pretzel part. We also tried hip-hop dancing with a video too. That was hilarious, but not really getting anywhere. We didn't give up because it was too hard, but rather because Noah dances like a tornado. So now we signed Noah up for Kid's Climbing at the leisure centre. He starts on Tuesday. Noah is somewhat afraid, but I hope he enjoys it anyway. We would do swimming, but the closest liesure centre had the pool closed for the longest time, so we have to wait until summer to take a course. I was really frustrated that I would not meet the Alberta requirements. On a few occassions, I relayed my concern to our facilitator (teacher who checks up on us). I was so worried about not having recorded everything. I have no idea when we did the things, but I know that we did. So, nearing the end of the year, the frustration was mounting. I spoke to our facilitator yesterday morning and she let me know that not everything has to be recorded to the minute. Thank you!!! So the pressure is off. I know that we have covered a lot of different types of physical activity. I will just write them all down for her. In the meantime, we will have fun in the outdoors and keep skipping, hiking, biking and tossing a ball around. Here are some pictures of yesterday morning's phys. ed class.

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