Monday, April 14, 2008

Square Foot Gardening

This weekend we were blessed with the most beautiful and warm weather. I am still in awe over the wonderful weather. It was around the 20°C all weekend and in our backyard it always feels warmer than it is. We took the wonderful opportunity to build our square foot garden boxes that we had been dreaming of. We spent over two hours in Rona walking back and forth between the two ends of the store. One end had the lumber and the other end the garden supplies. We also needed to rent the store's van in order to transport our lumber and soil mix. It was so exciting that we even bought some strawberry plants. To get a better idea of what square foot gardening is, please follow this link. As you can see in the pictures, our space in the backyard is limited, but we are going to make the most of that space. We didn't follow the rules 100% because we had a huge hole to cover and the recommended 4'x 4' box wouldn't cover the biggest part of the hole. Instead, we made a 5'x 4' box in which Raspberry plants are along the back row so as to minimize problems of picking. I can't wait until the danger of frost has passed and I can really start gardening. Unfortunately, we live close to the mountains (and in Canada)so that snow in May happens and warm chinooks happen too. Next weekend the meteorologists are calling for snow and near freezing daytime temps. We will praying that we have a great growing season and a prosperous harvest. So here is what we have been up to...

This is the ugly hole that we wanted to cover!

This is Sascha with the help of the kids putting together the first box.

The first box is filled.
Sascha is making the grids out of chalk line.
This is the 12'x 4' box and behind it will eventually be a sandbox.
This is where the ugly hole used to be.

The strawberry patch.

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