Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Owen Loves Dinosaurs

Owen has expressed an interest in dinosaurs. We were given a few plastic dinosaurs that Owen has grown to love. When I am printing out worksheets for the older kids, Owen always asks me to print dinosaur colouring pages for him. He saw them on one of the websites I printing worksheets from. So it wasn't a surprise that when we were shopping at "Wally-world" and looking at material, that he grabbed one with a dinosaur print out of the bargain bin. I found another material in the bargain bin that looked nice with it and bought them both. I had no idea what I was going to make, but new that I would make something nice out of it for Owen. I hardly ever make anything for him. I decided on making a pillow case, and this is what I decided to make. It is actually a really easy pattern that I saw in a German quilting magazine. It is a nine-patch cut into fourths and turned to make this pattern. If I can find some more of the material, I will make a matching quilt for Owen. Here is just a pillow case and it is not quilted (I was too lazy). Besides, I thought it looked nice this way and I used a hotel closure for the back. This way I have a nice closure without buttons. Owen loves the pillow case and so do I. I am not a professional seamstress, nor a good quilter, but I love to do it. I hope to finish two quilts that I have started very soon and will post pictures as soon as they are done.

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