Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Home School Facilitator Second Visit

Our Facilitator came to assess Noah's progress on Monday. I was pleased with the visit for the most part. Noah is on track, but we have neglected to cover some areas. Now it is up to me to meet the requirements by the end of the year. That shouldn't be a problem, but I have a lot of things to research online. Noah's math text doesn't cover some concepts that are expected by the Alberta government. I have to google things like "transformational geometry" and "graphic organizers". Don't ask me what these things are, but Noah needs to know them in "GRADE 1". I have a list of things to google, then plan lessons around them etc., etc. I am not too happy about this because I need to spend a lot of time online looking for things relevant to his age. The things I have found relate to grade 6 and up. I might have to call the facilitator for help. At least we don't have a lot to cover. Four months is more than enough time. I have to help Noah conduct some surveys and help him make graphs to show the results. He is only in grade one, but that is how it goes nowadays. While I was doing my research, I came across this poetry generator. It helped Noah compose the following poems:

Mom and Me (based on the syllables of our telephone number)
He likes cars
He likes really fast and cool cars
Is the best mom in the world
I love my mom a lot
We like playing board games

Rain brings
Rain brings yellow
Rain brings yellow daffodils

The Mouse and the Spider (variations on "Itsy Bitsy Spider")
The itsy bitsy spider
Climbed up a wall
Down came the mouse
And took a great fall
Out came the cat
And the mouse ran back up
And the itsy bitsy spider ran to a mat

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