Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Eucharist Retreat

Today was our parish's First Eucharist Retreat for all the First Communicants of 2008. It's purpose was to familiarize the children with the different parts of the church and to allow the children to try the bread and the wine. The children were taught how to genuflect in front of the tabernacle. Noah just rolled his eyes and said, "Da-ad, they taught me how to genuflect." In the sacristy, the kids passed around a chalice. One of the little girls loves gold and didn't want to pass it on to the next child and she was sure to get a hold of it again to pass it to one of the Catechists. We had to chuckle again as the we watched the children tried the wine. Most of the kids made funny faces and one even acted as if he drank poison. He was pretty grossed out. Noah never shows a lot of emotion, but when he came back to the pew, he had to admit that it was pretty strong. Our lefthander prefers to receive communion right handed. I never really thought about it before and wanted to correct him, but he was quite comfortable receiving right-handed. We watched a short-film called "Grandma's Bread". It really reminded us of Germany. The Grandma in the film baked an Easter Wreath and promised to make one for her grandson on his First Communion Day. She passed away on Good Friday and the grandson's Communion was a month later. Unfortunately, no one buy Nona new how to bake this bread. The mother tried to find the recipe, but with no luck. The boy had salvaged some of Nona's baking things from the pile that was supposed to go to St. Vincent de Paul's. The recipe was in there and the boy got this special bread for his First Communion Day. What I forgot to mention was that the father was always busy and didn't have time for the "old traditions". So in the end they were a happy family. I promised Noah to bake him an Easter Wreath Bread for his First Communion Day. It is also tradional in Germany, not just Italy where the family in the film was from. If I get a chance I will translate and post the recipe in English.

After the retreat, we went to ToysR'Us and bought Owen his own little potty chair. He has been going on the toilet off and on for a while, but has fallen in a few times. He doesn't like the baby seats for on the big toilet. His foot fell in once, too. lol He has been running around bottom down naked all afternoon. If I get some pictures of Owen on his throne, I will post them. He is usually on and off so fast that our camera hasn't even a chance to warm up. By the way, a funny thing did happen. He peed on the back patio door and the dog licked it off. I didn't even see the pee on the window. I saw it on the floor, but the dog saw it on the window. While I was writing this, Owen screams "DONE!" and we looked and what to our suprise... he had a huge sausage on the rim. Yeah! I have been waiting to do this for a long time. He never does his big job on the toilet. It wasn't in, but at least on the potty. This has been quite a day. Now I am going to enjoy a nice supper with the kids.

God Bless two year olds! God Bless everyone.

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