Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Feast Day of Saint Seraphina

Saint Seraphina
Feast Day: March 12

Seraphina was born in San Gimignano, Italy, to a poor family. She was known for her self denial and acts of penance as a young girl. A mysterious illness left this beautiful girl unattractive; her eyes, feet, and hands became deformed and eventually Seraphina was paralyzed. Her mother and father both died while she was young. She was devoted to St. Gregory the Great. She died on the feast of St. Gregory, exactly as she had been warned by Gregory in a dream. Seraphina was a very helpful child around the family home. She did many of the chores and helped her mother spin and sew.

Prayer from: Daily Prayers with the Saints for the New Millennium
Divine Father, Saint Seraphina was the victim of disease and neglegt and suffered continuously. I ask her to intercede for the disabled and handicapped people of my church, neighborhood, family and friends, including both the physically challenged and the emotionally wounded. Remind us to offer up our sufferings for the healing and conversion of others. I place our hearts upon the Cross of Christ, so that our pain will unite us to Him and His redemption. Teach us to endure pain with both dignity and the joy that comes from experiencing the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Saint Seraphina, pray for us. Amen.

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