Friday, February 8, 2008

Good News

We have been more involved in doing activites for Lent than doing our actual school work. In Religion class, we have been discussing the "Good News". This is what Noah wrote about the "Good News". We have also been learning about the Beatitudes. We have had discussions about what the season of Lent means. The kids have given up their dinky cars, especially the ones from the Disney Pixar movie and have given up sweets. This is especially hard for them, but they are trying very hard to perservere. I have given up sweets as well and given up snacking between meals. Daddy has given up his beloved coffee and I have agreed not to drink any either. We are also trying as a family to grow in faith and trying to be the best we can be. That isn't too hard for the most part, but we are only human. I hope to post a little more frequently, but also spend less time on the computer. We will see how that works out.

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