Wednesday, January 23, 2008

somos amigos

I have been slow at posting again. There always seems to be more important things to do. One of those things was writing a letter to our sponsored child in Bolivia. Her name is Abigail. Noah really wanted to include this picture with our letter. He wrote under the picture "somos amigos" which means "we are friends". I don't really know if the children understand completely why we are sponsoring her or why she needs to be sponsored, but they know that she is has a lot less than us. They are very compassionate and feel that she now belongs to our family. They hope to learn Spanish well enough to be able to write to her. I am trying to learn Spanish too, but don't have a plan or a program. I miss Adriana, a Mexican friend that I had many years ago in Germany. She tried to teach me Spanish, but then I had a child and she moved and then we lost touch. That is strange how things like that always seem to happen. We meet new people all the time and I often wonder what happened to so and so. Only God knows...

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