Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008

School is in full swing once again! Daddy is off to work again and we are back with our noses in the books. This week, although a shortened one, has been quite productive. I think this is due to taking such a long break in preparation for Christmas. :0) Whatever the case may be, I think a few of the things that Noah has been working on are definitely worth publishing.

Bruce and the Spider

This is the story of the King of Scotland who was defeated by England six times in succession. He fled before another British invasion took place. While in hiding, he watched a spider spinning her web. After six attempts to cast her thread to a nearby beam, she did not give up. Upon the seventh attempt, she was successful and completed her web. Bruce saw this and was quite impressed. He gathered up as many soldiers as he could and encouraged the Scotts to once again fight against the Britain. This time Bruce and his army were successful and one the battle and the King of England returned back home. Here is what Noah had to say about this story as written in James Baldwin's book "Fifty Famous Stories Retold"

In Canadian History, we spoke about De Monts and how he built Port Royal in 1605. Noah really enjoyed this story from "My First History of Canada" by Donalda Dickie. Here is what he learned... The text at the bottom was dictated by Noah.

And last but not least, I wanted to add a drawing that Noah made. He loves cars, trains, buses and all things that move on wheels or in the air. He really would like to be able to draw them all. We borrowed a book from the library to assist Noah in trying to draw these things with more accuracy. Here is the school bus he drew.

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